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Company Profile

With more than 130 years of packaging expertise Greif is a world leader in industrial packaging products and services. The Company creates competitive advantage for its customers through extensive experience in steel, plastic, fibre, etc.

With over 160 operating locations and approximately 9.100 employees in more than 40 countries (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America), Greif is positioned to serve local, national or multinational customers where they do business.

Greif provides a complete line of steel, fibre, plastic and intermediate bulk containers, drum closures and plastic water bottles to diverse customers who operate in a wide range of industries: lubricants and petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food,  bottled water etc.

The Company also provides customers with research, development, engineering and testing services.

Greif's market and product growth has resulted from internal growth and in part, from various acquisitions.

In 2001, Greif purchased Van Leer Industrial, a business based in The Netherlands, from Huhtamaki Van Leer. This acquisition doubled the size of Greif. Van Leer’s beginnings date back to 1919 when Bernard Van Leer founded a small company producing cans and boxes in The Netherlands. The company later became Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer NV and grew to be a global industrial packaging leader. Following the acquisition, the company integrated the identity of its businesses, established a new global brand mark that is used today, and renamed the company Greif, Inc.

In 2003 Greif began its “Transformation” into a lean manufacturing company. Beginning with a successful effort to cut selling, general and administrative expenses, the Transformation Initiative soon included Operations and Sales, focusing on creating excellence at locations around the world. Today, the Transformation is morphing into the Greif Business System in which continuous improvement and the never-ending identification and eradication of waste are embedded in everything we do.

In 2006, Greif acquired Delta Petroleum Company, Inc.  Based in North America, Delta provides clients with blending, filling and packaging, drumming, warehousing, distribution and logistics services. Greif also acquired the steel drum manufacturing and closures businesses of Blagden, with operations in Europe and Asia.

Greif’s long and successful history is the result of sound philosophy regarding the way we conduct ourselves and do business. This dedication to customers, employees and our local communities continues as we grow our business.