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Greif Hungary Ltd. operates in Almásfüzitő, a place with excellent geographical location and logistics facilities, serving the packaging needs of the largest customers in the petro-chemical, chemical and food industry in Central-Eastern Europe.

The company has a history, tradition and a professional background of more than 20 years, being the most significant steel drum producer in the region.

Greif Hungary Ltd., backed by a world class product and similarly high level customer service, became a market leader in the neighbouring countries, beyond the domestic steel drum market

Its products comply with the most rigorous quality standards. The quality assurance system based on ISO 9001:2008 also serves the highest possible customer satisfaction.
Besides the high level technical background, Greif Hungary Ltd.’s additional strength is a global  database of know-how. A central specialist team of chemical engineers located in the Netherlands and the USA, are able to recommend the proper packaging solution for different  substances.

Thanks to the continuous and persistent market presence, Greif Hungary Ltd. today has in its customer portfolio numerous small and middle sized multicultural business partners, with different customs and administrational practices, on a diverse geographical location all over the Central-European region.

Greif Hungary Ltd. has implemented an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System, which includes all the operational and business processes of the company and meets the requirements of the customer oriented logistics. This continuously developed and updated system ensures the proper stock management, flexible operation of the customer service and solving all the administrational tasks which are related to the deliveries.